7 Pokemon Decks That Could Win the World Championships


From Greninja to Gardevoir.

With the 2017 Pokemon World Championships simply round the nook, from August 18 to twenty, we’ve obtained our eye on a handful of decks that would win the TCG event. The grand prize for the TCG Masters division event is $25,000, which is the largest payout of the entire championship (the VGC winner will get $10,000), making it an excellent aggressive area.

Earlier than we get to our picks for the prime decks, we need to give a reminder of the craziness that occurred final yr. Everybody thought the metagame can be predictable with all the similar in style decks that had been performed all yr lengthy, however Japan’s Shintaro Ito stunned everybody when he took 1st place utilizing Mega Audino-EX. That card was thought-about binder trash by most, however it additionally occurred to be the silver bullet to final yr’s metagame, permitting Ito to comb the finals match in beneath 25 minutes. The lesson right here is to pay attention to these highly effective and widespread decks, but in addition to all the time anticipated the sudden.

For those who’re unfamiliar with the new Pokemon GX card sort launched in Solar & Moon, then right here’s a fast primer. Identical to Pokemon EX, they’re extra highly effective than common Pokemon, however surrender two Prizes when they’re knocked out as an alternative of 1. Nevertheless, in contrast to Pokemon EX, you must evolve into Stage 1 and 2 Pokemon GX, which is offset by their massive HP and powerful assaults. Every Pokemon GX has a GX assault, and just one GX assault can be utilized per game, identical to Z-Strikes in the video game.

Now, onto the decks!


With the new Burning Shadows set authorized for Worlds however untested in any main tournaments, a number of playing cards are going to make their massive debut at Worlds, and prime amongst them is Gardevoir-GX. The Fairy-Sort attacker can swing for giant numbers with minimal effort through the use of its Secret Spring capability to connect an additional power after which assault with Infinite Pressure, dealing 30x the variety of power on each Pokemon. There’s additionally the wonderful Twilight GX assault, permitting you to place 10 helpful playing cards again into your deck. That Lysandre’s Trump Card was banned for having an analogous (however a lot stronger) impact is an enormous indicator of how advantageous this may be. You may also toss in Gallade/Octillery to offer the deck extra consistency and an alternate, single-Prize attacker.

Garbodor/Drampa-GX gained the current North American Worldwide event, however Gardevoir-GX appears prefer it was virtually engineered to take it down. If a Drampa-GX has three power, then it solely takes three power on a Gardevoir-GX to ship a OHKO, and Twilight GX can put all Gadgets playing cards again in your deck, rendering Garbodor nothing put a ineffective pile of trash. Gardevoir-GX is unproven in the event scene, however gamers have hyped it up a lot that it has given Metagross-GX a second life, all as a result of it hits Gardevoir for weak spot. Gardevoir-GX will certainly be one in every of the prime decks, and subsequently rivals will both be operating Gardevoir-GX or be enjoying a deck that has a approach to counter it.

Greninja BREAK


Greninja BREAK is one other deck that performs properly towards Gardevoir-GX. As a consequence of Greninja’s low power value and the choice to take away power from it altogether, Gardevoir has to do all the work to earn its knockouts. This deck gained 2nd place eventually yr’s World Championship, and though it may be finicky and auto-lose on the first or second flip typically, it has remained in the metagame as a result of when it does arrange correctly, it’s insanely arduous to cease it from relentlessly firing off Big Water Shurikens all the approach to victory. The addition of Guzma from Burning Shadows makes Greninja much more highly effective as a result of it lets you toss a 3rd shuriken per flip with its switching impact. And with Starmie’s Area Beacon capacity, there’ll all the time be a provide of Water Power at your disposal. Now, there are an abundance of Grass Sort decks which are common proper now, which hurts Greninja’s possibilities resulting from weak spot, however the inclusion of Talonflame BREAK lets the Greninja participant hit for weak spot too and provides them a preventing probability.



Talking of Grass Sort decks, Golisopod-GX is one other robust contender from Burning Shadows. Its First Impression assault can do one hundred twenty injury for a single Grass Power (one hundred fifty if in case you have Selection Band hooked up), which is an insane quantity to hit in your first attacking flip. All you must do is pull off a change from the Bench to the Lively place, a simple process with the likes of Float Stone, Change, Guzma, and Golisopod’s personal Crossing Minimize GX assault at your disposal. Golisopod-GX pairs properly with Decidueye-GX, Lurantis, Zoroark and the Eeveelutions, giving it all kinds of companions for various methods. We’re leaning extra in the direction of Zoroark and the Eeveelutions as a result of they supply a method to fight Volcanion and cease it from burning Golisopod to a crisp.


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